Thursday, September 4, 2014

GoDaddy's Renewal Coupons - Where Did They Go?

A curious thing started happening this summer with GoDaddy: all their renewal promo codes started disappearing off the map. Long known for offering juicy promo codes for all of their products, GoDaddy has suddenly been cancelling all the coupon codes that have anything to do with renewing products. Sites like have a list of the remaining GoDaddy renewal coupon codes that will still work. But that list is growing smaller by the day. What gives? Apparently, GoDaddy is in a lot of debt. The world's largest domain registrar and web hosting company has leveraged itself so much over the years that they don't have much in the way of assets. Oh, and they are preparing for an IPO (initial public offering) on Wall St. This IPO is probably designed to help shore up their cash reserves, but it has also exposed the company's not-to-intelligent business practices over the years. Yes, the company that is known for spending $15 million or more each year on trashy Superbowl ads has leveraged itself so much over the years that it doesn't have a lot of cash. For us consumers, it means that they want us to make up for all that lost revenue. Fortunately I'm not biting: renewal promo codes are part of retaining existing customers, something GoDaddy no longer considers important. Well, I'm transferring my domains to Namecheap.

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