Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Web Hosting Coupon Resources That We Recommend:

Times have definitely changed, and web hosting is no different. Most web hosting providers are now owned by one company: Endurance International Group. As a result, most of them don't offer discounts or promotions like they used to. Why compete against yourself?

This has been pretty bad for web hosting coupons as well. Want to save on your next Blue Host web hosting plan? Well, that's too bad. Blue Host is owned by EIG, so they only offer a modest discount on Black Friday.

That being said, there are still a few websites that are a good resource for hosting coupons. Here's the ones I tend to visit:

Web Hosting Coupon Codes - The site has coupon codes for most hosting companies and domain registrars, as well as top ten lists for the best hosting companies for each category.

VPS Coupons - This site is essentially the same, only it focuses on promo codes for VPS hosting companies. This is if you need a more high-end hosting plan for your website.

Coupon Coder - Coupon Codes For Hotels, Flights, Vacations and More! - Even though this is a generic coupon site, it does have promo codes for GoDaddy and other web hosts. I've found it quite timely in terms of posting new coupons and removing old coupons.

Of course the big domain registrar and hosting company, GoDaddy, isn't part of the EIG group. While it still has promotions, it has significantly scaled back the discounts it offer to their customers. Why?

GoDaddy is now a publicly-traded company.

What does that that have to do with coupons? Well, when GoDaddy opened their books to investors, there was a massive mountain of debt. Somehow, the world's largest hosting company was losing money. One of their initiatives to reduce their debt was to reduce the amount of coupons and promotions that they offer. And while GoDaddy stock has doubled in value since it went public back in 2015, they continue to hold back on offering any really good coupons.